Welcome! Come in, take your shoes off and make yourself comfortable. We don’t stand on ceremony in this part of the galaxy…we stand on flight decks, alien planets or moons and sometimes on an Earth you may not exactly recognize but we don’t stand on ceremony.

Or the cat.

You’ll see her picture on the About page. And you can also discover a little about me and where I come from. From my Books page, you can see the outstanding covers I've been given, read the back cover copy and excerpts. You can also find out what I’m currently working on.

News will be updated when I have new and exciting information to share. Extras will give you an idea of what’s closest to my heart and will also give you some of my favorite places to visit on the web. That will be updated from time to time as well. And, if after all that, you’d like to contact me or read my blogs (yes, I have two of them) the Contact page will help you.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the scenery, have a tall glass of your favorite beverage, nibble on the chocolates or the tweenies and keep a sharp eye out for those handsome star ship pilots.


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